Product Comparison

autokitchen® is available in two versions: PRO and Studio. Below is a comparison chart of the two versions:

Features by Product autokitchen® PRO autokitchen® Studio
AutoCAD® OEM engine. Yes Yes
Native DWG files. Yes Yes
Up to four simultaneous views. Yes Yes
Ability to print PDF, DWF. Yes Yes
Universal cabinet catalogs. Frame (inset + overlay) and frameless Frame (overlay) and frameless
Number of pulls and door styles in the universal catalogs. More than 400 door styles and 300 pulls 7 door styles and 7 pulls (Optional 20 more door styles and 20 more pulls)
Universal catalogs of legs and corbels, appliances and finishes. Yes Yes
Specific manufacturer catalogs: cabinets, appliances, legs and corbels, countertops. Yes No
Parametric cabinets that can be modified before or after insertion. Yes Yes
Modify several cabinets in the drawing at the same time. Yes No
Catalog Customizer. Included No
Catalog Editor to create your own catalogs. Optional No
Ability to number cabinets and edit cabinet labels in the drawing. Yes Yes
Copy a cabinet, appliance or accessory. Yes No
High-quality photorealistic renders and plans. Yes Yes
Optimum-quality render (ray-tracing). Yes No
Insert point lights and spot lights. Yes Yes
Video clip capability. Yes No
Floor plans and elevations with notes and dimensions. Yes Yes
Includes symbols for mechanical plans. Yes Yes
Automatic cabinet and installation legends. Yes No
Use of architectural plans (DWG) as templates. Yes Yes
Pricing module (Estimate 5). Included Optional

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