Quick3DPlan Mobile

Quick3DPlan® Mobile is an application for Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) that allows you to draw a 2D room in seconds.

Quick3DPlan Mobile
 Main Features 

Draw a room shape in 2D with your iPod/iPhone or iPad and send it by email in ".dxf" and ".xml" format. The ".pdf", ".png" and ".jpg" formats are supported too (** Full information below).

You can create the room using a predefined shape. You can also create a new shape by clicking on the screen to define each segment and entering its dimension and angle.

You can start the room with a predefined shape and then convert it to free room.

You can add or edit comments to your walls on "Free room" screen. (Comments are not exported in .DXF format).

Once you have drawn the room you can email it in different formats:

  • DXF format that can be opened and edited with CAD programs.
  • XML format that can be opened with Quick3DPlan® or autokitchen®. The room is shown in 3D and you can insert cabinets and accessories.

These formats can be extended (** Full information below).

  • PDF format that can be opened and edited with any PDF programs. (Size: Letter or DinA4).
  • PNG format.
  • JPG format.
  • Detailed (Includes a detailed list of design) elements.

** In App purchases:

  • File Manager: Allows you to open, save and delete your designs (access from Free Room screen).
  • Triangulation: Allows you to automatically calculate angle between two lines by introducing three distances.
  • Export Formats: Includes new formats to email your designs (PDF, PNG and JPG). You can individually configure which formats you want to attach in the email. For the PDF, you can select two sizes: Letter or DinA4. Also unlocks 'Snapshot' and the possibility to add objects list in the email.

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