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We have the right design software solution for everyone: closet manufacturers and storage space designers use autoclosets to design closets in minutes thanks to the wizard approach with several options.

autoclosets® is closet design software for closet manufacturers and storage space designers. With autoclosets®, a closet can be designed in minutes thanks to the wizard approach, in which the software prompts you to select among several options. With each selection you make, you move forward and are one step closer to finalizing the closet design. autoclosets® is so user-friendly that most users design the closet space in real time and in the presence of the customer.

The autoclosets® interface is simple and uncluttered. The screen is split and shows two 2D images of the design in process: One from the top (floor plan) and a frontal view (elevation). As selections are completed via the wizard, the selected option becomes visible in the elevation or floor plan. Once the project is completed, autoclosets® generates detailed plans of the project in 2D, with dimensions and notes.

autoclosets® can be linked to autokitchen® or autodecco® so that the closet project can be rendered in 3D and in color. Materials, colors, reflections and lights can be applied to generate a photo-realistic rendering of the closet.

autoclosets® also generates an automatic report with all the relevant technical information that integrates the closet. The user can customize the report to include items that vary by project. This report can also be used to place an order to the closet manufacturer.

Designed in Microcad autoclosets, The closet design software
Designed in Microcad autoclosets®.

Microcad Software recommends autoclosets® for closets design.

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