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We have the right design software solution for everyone: for your kitchen showroom, autokitchen is the ideal tool for selling kitchen cabinets and designs.

autokitchen® is kitchen design software for professional kitchen designers. With autokitchen® you can design a kitchen from scratch, in a fraction of the time it takes to design it by hand. Since autokitchen® works in a true 3D environment, changes to the design are executed rapidly and are instantly available in all views.

autokitchen® generates detailed and professional-looking plans, elevations, and perspectives. You can also generate color renderings of your projects with specific textures and finishes, lights, reflections and kitchen accessories that will enhance your presentation to the customer. In addition, from within autokitchen®, you can generate a project list of all elements placed in the design along with their references, dimensions, brief descriptions and any modifications or options applicable to each. This project list can be customized by the user to include additional items not shown in the design, as well as specific charges and/or discounts applicable to each project.

autokitchen®'s ease of use, output quality and DWG format will allow you to work faster and communicate better with your customers and with other professionals engaged in your kitchen design project such as builders, architects, installers and cabinet and appliance suppliers.

Designed in Microcad autokitchen, The kitchen design software
Designed in Microcad autokitchen®.

Microcad Software recommends autokitchen® for kitchen design.

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