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Microcad Software was created in 1987 as a division of Microcad Informática, a company dedicated to the development and implementation of CAD systems in Andalusia (Spain). Since then, we have been in constant evolution and have specialized in the development of interior design applications compatible with AutoCAD®, combining its power and flexibility with the simplicity of operation. Below are some of the milestones achieved over the years:


*1987 Microcad Software is created as a division of Microcad Informática to offer customized developments for interior design running on AutoCAD®.

*1994 Microcad Software S.L. is established as a separate company in Spain.

*1995 Release of the first autokitchen® version running on AutoCAD® 13.

*1998 Microcad Software is the first European company to sign an OEM agreement with Autodesk® for the development of a kitchen design software.

*1999 Microcad Software establishes a subsidiary in the UK.


*2000 Microcad Software develops Athena, a customized Shelving and Racking Planner for a French company called Feralco & Lapouyade. This company would later be integrated into Averys Group, and finally into Stow, one of the world leaders in storage systems. The program was renamed Smart Racking Pro.

*2002 Microcad Software establishes a subsidiary in the USA.

*2003 autodecco®, an interior design software that had been developed for Ikea Inter Services, is released as a standard program.

*2004 Launch of autoclosets®, a closet and wardrobe design software.

*2005 Athena software is adopted by Averys, one of the leading rack and shelf manufacturers in Europe.

*2006 Microcad Software releases a version of autodecco® for the Foodservice industry.

*2009 Release of Quick3DPlan® for PC and Mac, an easy and affordable kitchen design software.


*2010 Microcad Software starts business in China with Dimeng Software.

*2011 Release of Easy Design Collection (kitchen, bathroom, closet, garage, office) for iPhone and iPad.

*2016 Microcad Software Cloud is launched to help users sharing their 360 Panoramas and renderings with customers.

*2017 Microcad Software announces join venture with Eurosoft Inc. to offer a solution from the design to the manufacturing for kitchen manufacturers.

*2018 Microcad Software starts offering the rental/subscription option for most of the products.


*2020 autokitchen® and autodecco® receive a new rendering engine that allows generating professional-level infographics.

*2022 Microcad Software launches Quick3DCloset®, an easy and affordable closet and wardrobe design software.

*2023 Microcad Software adds SketchUp compatibility to all products, allowing skp blocks to be inserted into designs.

*2024 Microcad Software adds Virtual Reality to the Cloud service. The virtual model is automatically generated and allows you to move through the design changing the finishes of doors, countertops and furniture in real time.

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Microcad Software S.L.


Microcad Software has had an international presence since its inception. The London, UK office has been open since 1999. The US office, located in northern New Jersey, opened in 2002. In addition to our main offices, we have presence in other countries through sales agents and software distributors.

The commercial structure is spread over the three Microcad Software offices. The European market is served from Spain, except for the United Kingdom. From the United States, the American market is served, including Canada and Latin America. Finally, from the United Kingdom, in addition to the domestic market, the entire non-American English-speaking market is served, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and in general the market of those countries where programs can be sold in English, such as India, Middle East, etc.

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