autoclosets - Closets design software

Design custom wardrobes and closets of any style

autoclosets®, the perfect sales tool for wardrobes and closets

autoclosets® is a program to design and quote built-in wardrobes and closets in minutes. It automatically generates images in 3D, as well as top and elevation plans with all the dimensions.

autoclosets - Closets design software

Fast, flexible and powerful

autoclosets® allows you to design built-in wardrobes and closets of any style in a very short time: walk-in closets, L-shaped wardrobes, display cabinets, wardrobes without doors, with sliding doors, hinged doors, etc. It has an extensive universal catalog with numerous door styles and accessories for the interior. In addition, you can adapt the program to your manufacturing method to generate accurate part lists and send detailed information to a cutting optimizer for production.

autoclosets - Wardrobe design software

Add value to your projects

With autoclosets® you will increase your sales and save time. The precision of its dimensioned drawings will avoid mistakes from the sale to the installation. The three-dimensional graphics will allow you to show your customers the designs, helping them to make decisions faster and increasing their confidence in the final product.

autoclosets - Closets design software

Helps you design your client’s closet

autoclosets® will help you design on the fly and create the layout that best suits your client's requirements, taking into account possible obstacles such as pillars, beams or sloping ceilings. In addition, you will reduce the time needed to complete your projects. Its flexibility allows you to make changes at any time quickly and accurately.

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